Information about stainless steel

Stainless steel is an alloy containing approximately 80 % steel and a number of additives such as chromium, nickel and molybdenum. These additives make sure that a corrosion resistant ‘skin' forms on the material.

Stainless steel can be produced in countless different alloys. The most common alloys are AISI 304, usually applied indoors for instance in kitchen interiors and AISI 316, the acid resistant quality we advise for outdoor applications and among others for laboratory benches. The chemical resistance of these alloys can be checked for certain specific applications in resistance lists.

It is of major importance that the factory that processes stailess steel does NOT process iron in the same room and on the same machines. Particles may be left behind on the tools that in turn could end up in the skin of the corrosion resistant products. These particles are of substantial influence on the corrosion resistant qualities of stainless steel. The material could start corroding together with the particles. 

Rovasta is fully specialised in the processing of stainless steel and therefore does not process iron. 

Also during the mounting phase the corrosion resistant products should be well protected. Particularly steel drill chips, curls, grindings and chemical cleansing agents such as hydrochloric acid (floor and wall tilers) and chlorine (cleaners) often cause damage. Plastic cling foil should, if present, be removed timely in order to avoid discolouring.

Upon completion it is important that the product is included in a maintenance schedule which involves periodic cleaning of the stainless steel. You can read more about this subject on page cleaning of stainless steel.

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Chemical resistance

Chemical resistance
of stainless steel

Source: Thyssenkrupp Nirosta


Information about stainless steel
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