Stainless steel kitchen sink units

For over 40 years Rovasta supplies luxurious custom made stainless steel kitchen sink units, worktops and wall panels. These products are manufactured to meet the requirements of the customer. Thus there is the choice among the next finishes:

  • Grit 320 Silicon-Carbide (K320SC)
  • Grit 320 Silicon-Carbide and matt brushed
  • Random-ground
  • Bright Annealed buffed an polished
  • Mirror polished
  • Wafer patterned 
  • Leather patterned 
  • Glass bead blast

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The standard material thickness is 1,25 mm, but also 1 or 1,5 mm and even 2 or 3 mm sheets can be processed. Concerning profiles there are in fact no boundaries: with or without (pressed) water retaining edge; edge thickness standard 30 mm, 40 mm or more; block profile; round, facetted; visible layering, anything is possible!
In the right colomn you will find a PDF file with various profiles.

Sink units and wall panels can be fitted with slanted and rounded sides. Angular and U-shaped kitchen sink units can be manufactured seamless.

The glued under-layer can be selected: 18 mm water resistant chip board or 18 mm multiplex WBP.

The units can be fitted with standard sinks, but of course the units of all well known brands such as Reginox, Franke and Blanco can be let in. In addition we can also fit built in stainless steel wall sockets or switches.

Next to stainless steel sink units made of AISI 304 quality we also manufacture stainless steel sink units made of AISI 316 quality for application in hospitals and laboratories. The standard finish of these sink units is Grit 320 Silicon-Carbide polished (K320SC) with an 18 mm multiplex WBP glued under layer. The bottom side can be coated.

Of course Rovasta also is the right address for stainless steel frames, consoles, skirting boards, cladding or any possible type of construction.
Delivery periods for stainless steel kitchen sink units vary between 3 to 4 weeks.

Our Sales Department will gladly provide an offer free of engagement. Please feel free to contact us on:

Telephone: +31 10 5212022
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Stainless steel sink unit



Sink unit profiles

Stainless steel sink unit profiles (PDF)



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